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Three Rivers Entertainment & Production is the In РHouse Service Provider for David L. Lawrence Convention Center located at 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Please complete the following form to begin processing your order. Call 412-429-4000 for any questions about your order.


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    Video Equipment

    DVD Player (Pre-Show $55/Onsite $65) Qty Total

    Blu Ray Player (Pre-Show $85/Onsite $95) Qty Total

    34" Cart with Skirt (Pre-Show $45/Onsite $55) Qty Total

    54" Cart with Skirt (Pre-Show $60/Onsite $70) Qty Total

    Safelock Stand (Pre-Show $55/Onsite $65) Qty Total

    USB Media Player (Pre-Show $50/Onsite $60) Qty Total

    Video / Data Display

    Video / Data LCD Projector (3000 Lumens) (Pre-Show $550/Onsite $605) Qty Total

    22" LCD Flat Screen Monitor (Pre-Show $225/Onsite $305) Qty Total

    40 - 43" Flat Panel - Includes Stand (Pre-Show $450/Onsite $495) Qty Total

    50-52" Flat Panel - Includes Stand (Pre-Show $550/Onsite $605) Qty Total

    55-60" Flat Panel - Includes Stand (Pre-Show $700/Onsite $770) Qty Total

    75-80" Flat Panel - Includes Stand (Pre-Show $1.500/Onsite $1,650) Qty Total

    Shelf for Monitor Stand (Pre-Show $50/Onsite $60) Qty Total

    **Please call or email for monitor mounting to booth structure. We will not mount any flat screens without booth specs, drawings and structural weight loads.

    Projection Screens

    6' Tripod Screen with Skirt (Pre-Show $80/Onsite $90) Qty Total

    8' Tripod Screen with Skirt (Pre-Show $90/Onsite $100) Qty Total

    Audio Equipment

    Wired Handheld Microphone (Pre-Show $70/Onsite $80) Qty Total

    Wireless UHF Mic (Pre-Show $300/Onsite $350) Qty Total

    Powered Speaker System (2 Speakers w/ Stands) (Pre-Show $250/Onsite $275) Qty Total

    4 Channel Mono Audio Mixer (Pre-Show $70/Onsite $80) Qty Total

    CD Player (Single Track) (Pre-Show $75/Onsite $85) Qty Total

    **Please call for additional sound system options

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    2. Delivery/Setup/Pickup (25% of line 1 or $125.00 minimum)

    3. Drayage Union Required (20% of line 1)

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    5. State Sales Tax (7% of Line 1)

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    Please Mail Checks to:
    Three Rivers Entertainment and Production 1028 Saw Mill Run Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

    Terms and Conditions
    1. Representative MUST BE on-site at for Delivery.
    2. Exhibitor assumes responsibility for Loss or Damage to property of TREP after Delivery and acceptance at Booth.

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