Varian Mattingly

Educated at West Virginia University’s Theatre and Dance Department, Varian found his start with the local I.A.T.S.E. labor union in 1999. After college Varian moved on to a 8 year touring career with such shows as: Miss Siagon, Little Women, Edward Scissorhands, Dora the Explorer, and Avenue Q in the US as well as the international credits: Tommy in Japan and AIDA throughout China and Inner Mongolia. Miscellaneous production management credits range from NY Fashion Week’s Dior product release to Rigging installs over the dolphin tanks at Seaworld Orlando, FL. Currently as a full time employee of Three River Entertainment and Production, Varian works as a senior production manager with their events locally as well as nationwide.

  • My Skills - Event Planning, Event Production, Live Music, Entertainment, Lighting, A/V, Corporate Events, Fundraisers and Weddings.